Jake & Spouse   

Jake and I have
known Desiree for quite some time. Jake and I had been renting for a couple of
years and we really didn’t want to live in someone else’s house anymore. We
wanted a place of our own, a place we could call OUR home. We had talked to
Desiree quite a few times in the past in regards to buying a home and finally,
our dreams became a reality. Desiree went above and beyond to help us get the
home we wanted. She constantly went out of her way to ensure both us (the
buyers) and the sellers were happy. That truly meant a lot to us.

If we buy
another home or ever decide to sell, we will definitely go through Desiree Maas
again! She didn’t just treat us like everyday clients, she went out of her way
to ensure every questions and concern was answered and addressed.

We are very
grateful for all of Desiree’s help!

Thank you!!

David and Isabell    

We have worked
with Desiree Maas on several occasions. Initially, we contacted her to help us
sell a house in St. Paul that was owned by our parents who had passed away. We
then contacted her to sell an acreage we own. Our daughter then contacted her
to sell her home in St. Paul. Once the house sold in St. Paul, we had her
handle the sale of some farmland we owned.

Desiree worked with a family friend of ours so when we needed a realtor, we
thought of her. She is friendly and very down to earth. She presented the
information about all our options, and all the realty vocabulary in an easy to
understand language. She listened to all our questions and made every effort to
answer them. She kept us informed about the progress of our sale, how and where
she posted our property and about all the potential buyers. She personally
phoned interested buyers and drove from Elk Point to our area several times in
the evenings. The sale of our farmland was quick and resulted in us getting an
amount we were very happy with.

If you are looking for a friendly, competent realtor,

I would highly recommend Desiree Maas!